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SEO & Paid Search Audits

Whether it's via natural or paid search, many customers today will likely start their journey with your brand via search engine results on Google.
How visible is your business?
Google considers a huge range of factors when determining how to rank a website for natural queries, but essentially they cover three main areas: whether your website meets technical best practice (how well it is made), the quality of the content on the site (how unique and relevant it is), and perhaps most importantly - the value (not the quantity) of the links that point to your site, and whether they are considered as reliable and credible sources.
The problem for most SMEs and their websites is that technical, content and link-building (also referred to as 'out-reach') are three very different skillsets, are often full-time jobs in their own right, and can be difficult to recruit for.
Paid search presents its own unique challenges, compounded by seasonality and the competitor landscape, market conditions, and of course, budget.
At the CX Consultants we have over two decades experience leading in-house SEO and Paid Search campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry including Yell.com, John Lewis, HBOS (Halifax Bank of Scotland), Lloyds TSB Insurance, De Beers & Expedia - the third largest Google accounts in the world after Amazon and eBay.
We can:
● Fully audit your existing SEO & Paid Search activities & identify savings● Help leaders understand the value of generic, brand terms & various attribution models● Ensure your website is technically compliant with up-to-date best practice● Understand your competitor landscape & the opportunities within it● Increase your online visibility & market share
For more information on how we can help with SEO & Paid Search Audits get in touch with our team on 0333 772 2345 for an impartial chat.

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